UK Parliament Considering New Anti-Addiction Laws


Since the pandemic began and various health and safety measures took effect, there has been a significant uptick in online betting activities across the globe. This was not too surprising especially because of how deeply entwined gambling has become to various cultures. Even so, the uptick in online gambling activity also came with some problems with the most prominent ones being irresponsible gambling and addiction.

The issue of gambling-related harm has long been a huge concern in Britain and with the pandemic, these concerns became even more of a big deal. Online gambling operators in the country have been under immense pressure from the authorities and responsible gambling campaigners to deal with the issue. Lawmakers are even looking to take things a notch higher by implementing a new set of laws to help in mitigating the problem.

Already, many of the betting companies have stepped up by integrating measures that are designed to protect people who are at risk. Some of these measures include imposing limits on customers who are deemed to be at greater risk of potential financial and mental problems as a result of gambling. To achieve this, they have not only incorporated the assistance of advanced software but are also collaborating with notable gambling resource providers.

Gambling Law Reform on The Way?

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, gambling-related harm was already raising lots of eyebrows in Britain. Its potential to result in health problems, over-indebtedness, crime, or even suicide has been highlighted by several reports over the years. The pandemic only elevated those concerns especially as more people were confined to their homes with very few options in terms of entertainment. Online gambling was an easy choice for many people hence the incredibly massive rise in online gaming traffic.

With all that has been going on, now seems to be the best time to fast-track the reforms that have been proposed for the country’s gambling act. The 2005 Gambling Act is a prime candidate for these changes particularly because of its inadequacy when it comes to addressing issues related to online gambling activities. An update is long overdue and there is no better time than now to ensure that the necessary changes are made.

In addition to measures such as the ban on the use of credit cards, ad restrictions, increasing betting age, and limiting bet sizes, the new laws could mark a new era for the gambling industry. This will not just apply to Britain as other countries with similarly outdated gambling laws are likely to follow in its footsteps.

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