Exploring the Changing Legal Landscape of Gambling in Finland

In recent times, a global trend has emerged in the gambling industry, marked by a growing concern over the rise of addiction cases, particularly among the less privileged in society. Countries worldwide are responding by tightening their regulatory standards, bringing a profound transformation to the gambling landscape. The United Kingdom is often held up as […]

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Belgium’s Gaming Regulations Align with GDPR Standards

Belgium has dramatically strengthened its anti-gambling regulations in recent regulatory changes in 2022 and 2023. This includes a complete prohibition on all types of advertising of betting and gambling across all forms of media. At the same time, Brussels and Genk have put a hold on issuing any further gaming licenses until the government finishes […]

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Dutch Opposition Mounts Against Malta’s Contentious Gaming Legislation

A lot of disapproval has been voiced in response to Malta’s recent decision to shield its casino businesses from legal proceedings taken in other European nations. This initiative was previously attacked by Germany and Austria, and now the Dutch government is adding its voice to the criticism, putting pressure on Malta to rethink its attitude […]

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New Jersey Considers Treatment Instead of Fines for Underage Gambling Offences

Lawmakers in New Jersey are rethinking the state’s approach to minors who break gambling laws in an effort to give more effective treatment and education options. The current penalties for anyone found guilty of breaking New Jersey’s gambling regulations while under the age of 21 are between $500 and $1,000. After being held up in […]

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UK Government Finally Releases Gambling White Paper

After years of speculation, delays, and appeals for new legal limitations or concessions, the UK Government finally unveiled its White Paper on the country’s gambling business last week. The White Paper is an all-encompassing analysis of the UK gambling sector and the reforms needed to better safeguard players, guarantee the business works honestly and openly, […]

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Push to Legalize Casinos and Sports Betting Gains Momentum in Texas

Exciting news from Texas! Proposals to allow casinos and online sports betting recently passed the House State Affairs Committee, raising hopes that gambling may soon be available in the state. For the previous two legislative sessions, proponents of the gambling industry, notably the famous Las Vegas Sands casino company, have been lobbying for Texas to […]

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FIFA Ultimate Team Packs Declared Gambling by Austrian Court

In a recent ruling by a minor court in Austria, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs have been deemed to be a kind of gambling, which is against the country’s strict regulations. This move was taken after several players filed a lawsuit against the FUT system, arguing that it was unfair and depended on chance. The […]

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UK Gambling White Paper Reportedly Just Weeks Away

According to Paul Scully, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Tech and the Digital Economy, the United Kingdom’s long-awaited gambling white paper might be issued in the next few weeks. Scully acknowledged that the paper was nearing completion during his speech at a meeting of the UK’s Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), of which he […]

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Curacao Planning for New and Stricter Gambling Regime by March

Currently, Curacao is the most accessible and trustworthy international gaming jurisdiction for launching new gambling ventures or expanding the reach of existing ones. Curacao has become the most well-known and in-demand international licensed solution in the whole globe as a result of its lack of share capital requirements, its speedy licensing procedure, and its low […]

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Spanish Gambling Sector to Undergo Massive Changes Thanks to New Law

The Health and Consumer Affairs Committee of the Spanish Senate approved a measure on October 26 that would make several reforms to Spain’s gaming sector. As a result of the committee’s recommendation, the Senate quickly passed the legislation and it is currently being signed into law. In May, proposals to update the Gambling Law of […]

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