Outgoing Michigan Governor Vetoes Online Gambling Bill

In a decision that has shocked many gaming industry experts, outgoing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on Friday, December 28, 2018, vetoed the online gambling bill that was the brainchild of Rep. Brandt Iden. The main reason why this move was surprising was because the bill had been approved by the Michigan legislature a few days […]

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Two Senators Propose Federal Oversight Over Sports Betting

Two United States senators from opposing parties have proposed that the federal government should take back control of sports betting from the states. This makes the very first formal move by the country’s Congress since its Supreme Court abolished PASPA and lifted the federal ban on sports betting thus officially allowing states to regulate their […]

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slovakia votes new gambling bill

Slovakian Online Gambling Bill Opens the Doors for Internationals

A new piece of legislation resonates deeply with the gambling industry in Slovakia. The new law states that foreign gaming operators can now establish businesses without having a Slovakia-based office. This will, in turn, make the country a much-desired destination for the big names in the industry. The newly ratified reform will take effect March […]

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Spain's responsible gambling regulator.

Spain Wants to Improve on Responsible Gambling

Spain is improving its efforts regarding responsible gambling and social policies. A new body will advise the country’s regulator in matters that relate directly to safe gambling practices. The New Gambling Advisory Board in Spain The Spanish gaming regulator Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) will now receive help from a new advisory board, […]

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