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GAA Says Yes to Ban Gambling Sponsorship

Gambling is a huge business worldwide. However, let’s admit that it can also affect people’s lives. In fact, it is possible for people to get addicted to gambling and even have personal and financial problems along the way. And because of these reasons, the GAA have already voted in favor of banning all sponsorship from […]

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Blockchain Technology on Online Casinos?

Blockchain technology has changed the way people perform transactions. And for this reason, Bitcoin has skyrocketed in value in 2017 almost reaching $20,000. Though blockchain technology is still relatively new, there are many industries that have benefited from the tech. Could Blockchain be used by casinos in order to address some of its pressing concerns? […]

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Is It a Good Move for China to Build Hainan’s Gambling Industry?

China has been looking to make gambling legal in its mainland. Macau, over the years, has been considered as Asia’s Las Vegas. In fact, it has generated five times more than what Las Vegas gambling industry has earned annually. According to people who are familiar with the talks, China has been looking to draft a […]

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