Sweden’s SPER Publishes Draft Framework for Online Gambling


Sweden’s online gambling sector is headed for some more shifts as it continues to grow and evolve. Recently, Spelbranschens Riksorganisation (SPER) which is the country’s independent online gambling trade association, published a new framework. This new draft framework’ outlines all the best practices that relate to consumer terms and conditions. If all goes well, these will be provisions that all the trade association’s members will need to follow going forward.

The iGaming sector in Sweden just like in other parts of the world has been subject to scrutiny especially because of the potential risks. This scrutiny has resulted in the implementation of several measures and mechanisms to make the activity safer. SPER’s newly published draft framework also happens to be a result of that. Its publication was a response to criticism by Sweden’s Consumer Agency regarding unaligned standards of the country’s regulated market’s terms and conditions.

SPER’s nine-point framework seeks to address the criticism by complementing some of the consumer protection regulations that are currently detailed in the country’s reformed Gambling Act. Moreover, the new framework will also serve to establish common practices that will apply across all the regulated operators.

The Specifics

SPER chief executive, Jenny Nilzon commented on the new development pointing out that it is intended to act as help and guidance. As such, the association ensured that the framework is clear and comprehensible to consumers. SPER is insistent on clarity being the overriding dynamic. This means that the online gambling operators will have to ensure that their customers get a clear understanding of the interpretation of the terms and conditions.

One other thing that the framework addresses is the need for transparency when it comes to handling customer data information. Online gambling operators will have to divulge full customer or user information on their technicalities. The information includes those that relate to sign-up verifications, documentation required, data storage, and payments. User deregistration info is also part of this.

Also worth noting is the part of the framework that affirmed the requirement that licensed gambling operators to maintain a fair complaints procedure. This means that they will have to make all their customers aware of their right to challenge some of the operator’s decisions using an authorized dispute resolution system.

There are more changes that the Swedish gambling market will be undergoing. Some of them are already nearing their implementation stages while others are still dragging through. Still, all of them will have monumental impacts on the country’s gambling industry.

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