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GAA Says Yes to Ban Gambling Sponsorship


Gambling is a huge business worldwide. However, let’s admit that it can also affect people’s lives. In fact, it is possible for people to get addicted to gambling and even have personal and financial problems along the way.

And because of these reasons, the GAA have already voted in favor of banning all sponsorship from gambling companies during their annual congress in Croke Park.

The delegates voted unanimously for the decision. The motion “sponsorship by a betting company of any competition, team, playing gear or facility be prohibited” was supported by 93% of the 270 delegates. It was Mick Rock of Connacht GAA who made the initiative to forward the motion. He spoke before the vote claiming that sports are “besieged by gambling”. He also added that passing the motion “will enhance the moral standing of the GAA in Irish life and protect the integrity of our games”.

What Are the Consequences?

The ruling is quite straightforward. This means that gambling companies will no longer be visible on any team’s shirt, competition or even in a stadium. Currently, there is no inter-country that is sponsored by a gambling company. However, Armagh do made a partnership together with the Irish bookmaking company Boylesports.

If you will look at the number of teams that have gambling companies that back them, the numbers aren’t exactly alarming. However, the issue is due to the fact that there are people who are being addicted to gambling.

Gambling Addiction on Players

GPA spokesperson Alan Kerins even mentioned to congress that there are already over 100 players that had received assistance deal for their gambling difficulties.

It wasn’t the first time that gambling issues were brought forward. In fact, two years ago, then GPA chief executive Dessie Farrel already mentioned this problem and said that addiction was the biggest crisis that senior players face.

There are high-profile figures over the years that have already opened up about their gambling problems including Cathal McCarron who was a former London player and Tyrone footballer. Former Armagh footballer Oisin McConville also spoke about his gambling problem in the past and even supported the motion to ban gambling companies from meddling in sports.

According to McConville, “I think this motion shows the GAA is standing up and doing something and making sure it is not something which becomes more infiltrated”. He also mentioned that “Looking at the Premier League (betting sponsorship) came in and didn’t have a huge impact and then built momentum as time went on. And that is something I could see happening in the GAA; we are nipping it in the bud

The move to ban gambling sponsorship seems to be a good move. In fact, it had been praised widely online.

There is undoubtedly a huge amount of money on gambling. However, it is also imperative that we take a closer look at what’s important. There is an increasing number of people who are becoming helpless towards gambling addiction. And this move by the GAA could be a good step towards decreasing the influence of gambling over individuals who are prone to gambling addiction.

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