UKGC Postpones Implementation of Some of Its New Operator Requirements


A recent update to the UK Gambling Commission’s customer interaction requirements and guidance instructions revealed that the organization will be postponing the implementation of its new requirements for operators. The regulations mandated by the body urged the numerous casino operators operating within its purview to respond to signs of vulnerability and to bar advertising and incentive offers to anyone who appeared to be at risk.

After receiving requests for a delay from the industry, the Gambling Commission ultimately reversed course on the implementation date for operator rules. Concerned parties raised technical issues in enforcing the specifications. This was enough reason for the UKGC to delay the implementation of some of the measures beyond the scheduled date of September 12th.

According to the Commission’s schedule, most of the new requirements will go into effect on September 12. These include a mandate for operators to “conduct effective customer interaction.” The regulator believes the guidance provides a blueprint of the minimum steps considered necessary to meet the requirements.

However, if signs of vulnerability are found, operators are not going to be coerced into taking immediate action. In addition to this, they will not be required to take into account the approach that the UKCG takes to vulnerability, which is outlined in the guidance provided by the Commission.

The prohibition of marketing and the acceptance of new incentive offers when there is substantial evidence of harm is another requirement for operators that will not become effective on September 12. The industry’s request for an extension to these standards has been granted.

What Next?

As a result of this extension, the UKGC feels it necessary to have another round of consultations on issues pertaining to the guidelines linked with Provision 3.4.3 of the Social Responsibility Code. Therefore, it won’t make it mandatory for remote operators to consider the Commission’s guideline on customer engagement and the reference to that guidance.

The consultation process will last for six weeks, starting in September, and all feedback will be considered by the regulator before any decisions are made on the new rules’ content. To provide gaming businesses enough time to implement the regulations, the Gambling Commission plans to release the requisite advice in December.

Following consultation, the Gambling Commission has indicated its provisional plan to implement the remaining provisions of SRC 3.4.3 and the related advice by February 12, 2023. This means that the country’s gambling sector will have seven months to be ready.

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