Marja Appleman Steps Down from KSA

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The Netherlands top person on all things gambling has decided to step down from her position at the helm of the country’s burgeoning and revitalizing gambling industry. Marja Appleman, head of Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), or the regulatory authority that oversees gambling in the country, has decided to resign. The news was announced by KSA themselves.

Appleman will be moving into the Interior Ministry’s Housing Market authority where she will continue to help the government create a fair legal framework for everyone. Appleman was at the top job at KSA for nearly five years. During her stint, she helped solve a number of issues, including the Dutch monopolized market which is finally showing signs of a relief, with the government making a strong push to allow foreign operators to enter the country.

Turning the Leaf

Appleman has been a staunch supporter of the Remote Gambling act herself and with the piece of legislation reaching the finishing line itself, the now sees it fit to move on. She believes that her resignation is an opportunity for both the KSA and herself to move forward.
Meanwhile, KSA board of directors chairman Jan Suyver has noted that Appleman will be sorely missed in the midst of the KSA. He described her as a “sensitive loss” and explained that it has always been a pleasure to collaborate on various projects with Appleman.

For the time being, the board will have to take Appleman’s responsibilities themselves until they have found a new substitute for the job. Meanwhile, KSA is anticipating more upheavals, including the end of terms for Suyver, and another high-ranking executive, Henk Kesler.

The change within the organization will lead to new and unprecedented change that’s happening at roughly the same time. Even then, those are calm times for the KSA. Until the KSA has started dealing with new operators that are only entering the market, there will not be an influx of workload.

On top of that, the reformed gambling act will not enter into effect until next year, so this will provide KSA with enough leeway to adapt itself to the string of changes that will follow, both in terms of regulatory tweaks and staff turnover.

The Legacy of Appleman

Even though Appleman welcomes the opportunity to move on and she’s a supporter of letting in more gambling operators into the country, she had imposed some of the more restrictive regulations during her stint at KSA.

It’s understandable why she would do so, either. While her personal beliefs have her support the liberalization of the market she had remained true to the overall course of action assumed by the institution she had chosen to represent.

This is a laudable behaviour and Appleman is definitely a person who is quite keen on upholding the law while being the catalyst of change. She was in a difficult position indeed, but she managed to overcome adversity splendidly. We are interested in seeing who the new man or woman at the helm of KSA is going to be.

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