Gambling Commission Sued by Northern & Shell Over National Lottery License


The Gambling Commission is the target of a legal action brought by the British publishing powerhouse Northern & Shell, owned by the media billionaire Richard Desmond. The lawsuit is based on allegations of improper management during the National Lottery licensing competition, which occurred after the commission denied Northern & Shell’s attempt to acquire the UK […]


UKGC Takes Phased Approach to Strengthen Gambling Regulations


At the beginning of May 2024, the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) published a press release detailing major reforms to the gaming sector with the goals of increasing customer choice and safety. In line with the UK government’s White Paper “High stakes: gambling reform for the digital age.” The changes encompass a range of initiatives, such […]


Responsible Gambling Takes Center Stage in Minnesota Sports Betting Bill Debate


Three proposals with quite different approaches have sparked an extensive debate in Minnesota about the legalization of sports betting. In contrast to other bills introduced recently, the most recent one, which Senator John Marty introduced, focuses a significant emphasis on efforts that promote responsible gaming. Compared to the other measures, Marty’s SF 5330 proposes a […]

Can the NFL Balance Profit and Responsibility As It Embraces Gambling?


In recent years, the National Football League (NFL) has taken a positive stance toward the rapidly expanding gambling business. While the league has been able to capitalize on the rising appeal of gambling, it has also been forced to deal with the possible dangers that gambling may bring to players, staff, and fans. It all […]


Brazil’s Charts New Course for Gaming Future with New Laws


After lengthy negotiations with Congress in 2023, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil finally passed Law 14.790/23, which would greatly affect the regulation of internet gambling and sports betting in the country. The new. rules and regulations affecting the country’s gaming environment were formally published in the Official Gazette’s special edition on December […]


Philippines’ Multi-Faceted Battle Against Illegal Gambling


The government of the Philippines is stepping up its efforts to get rid of websites that facilitate illicit betting and e-sabong, or online cockfight betting, as part of its ongoing campaign to combat illegal gambling. The country is now seeing a dramatic increase in online gambling, which has made these digital platforms attractive options and […]


Exploring the Changing Legal Landscape of Gambling in Finland


In recent times, a global trend has emerged in the gambling industry, marked by a growing concern over the rise of addiction cases, particularly among the less privileged in society. Countries worldwide are responding by tightening their regulatory standards, bringing a profound transformation to the gambling landscape. The United Kingdom is often held up as […]


Belgium’s Gaming Regulations Align with GDPR Standards


Belgium has dramatically strengthened its anti-gambling regulations in recent regulatory changes in 2022 and 2023. This includes a complete prohibition on all types of advertising of betting and gambling across all forms of media. At the same time, Brussels and Genk have put a hold on issuing any further gaming licenses until the government finishes […]


Dutch Opposition Mounts Against Malta’s Contentious Gaming Legislation


A lot of disapproval has been voiced in response to Malta’s recent decision to shield its casino businesses from legal proceedings taken in other European nations. This initiative was previously attacked by Germany and Austria, and now the Dutch government is adding its voice to the criticism, putting pressure on Malta to rethink its attitude […]