The Legalization of Online Gambling in New Jersey

Poll: United States Sports Betting Legislation – Unnecessarily Contentious


The United States has one of the most convoluted relationships with gambling affairs in the world. While individual states are pushing their cases in the US Supreme Court and through Senate bills, most forms of online gambling in the country remain prohibited. However, a new poll reveals that citizens and enthusiasts prefer their local states to control the industry, as opposed to the Federal State.

Seton Hall Sports Poll – The Latest Numbers

On Thursday, the Seton Hall Sports Poll came with interesting results. Out of all interviewed respondents, 62% argued that separate state governments should be left in charge the sports betting industry in the respective area.

For this idea to take root and blossom into reality, though, the Supreme Court would have to overturn a federal betting ban. The poll also revealed that while opposition existed, it was marginal compared to the numbers in favor. Some 27% were of the opinion that oversight is necessary.

Going into specifics, asked directly whether sports gambling ought to be legalized, 55% of respondents gave a positive answer while 35% remained against the notion. Venturing further into the statistics, and breaking it down by demographics, men were more likely to support the idea, with 63%, against women with 47%. Younger respondents, between 18 and 29 threw in their support at 68% whereas only 37% of respondents aged over 60 supported the matter.

Fighting the Good Fight – New Jersey Close to Legalizing Online Wagering

New Jersey is currently caught in a Supreme Court battle to push through with legalizing the industry within its borders, a campaign the state had undertaken back in 2011.

Presently, The State of New Jersey is awaiting a decision that can lift betting bans, which will facilitate placing wagers online not only in the state itself but well across the whole country.

The Garden State has been caught in a legal squabble over the validity of the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), but it has not been fighting alone. West Virginia and a dozen states have thrown their support in favor of decentralizing legislative oversight on the industry. A decision is now pending and everyone expects a ruling in favor of New Jersey as early as Tuesday.

Apart from grassroots opposition against wagering, though, the online gambling industry has been taking hits from the NCAA. However, the poll has revealed, with a somewhat close margin, 49% in favor and 36% against, that college sports should also be part of the allowed online gambling.

The Implications of a Legalized Industry

Legalization can breathe fresh life into online casinos and bookmakers. Admittedly, along with the dizzy growth, new problems may crop up. The United States has not got its own Gambling Commission and consumer protection body who try to strike a balance between a working gambling industry and what is best for the gamblers themselves.

Any attempt to legalize the industry on a larger scale should come as part of a well-elaborated plan that will keep consumers safe and away of destructive behavior.

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